Industrial safety

Risk analysis of complex technological systems, through, among others:

Risk identification

  • Hazard and Operability Studies (HAZOP, using conventional methods, such as guide-words, and advanced techniques, such as Recursive Operability Analysis);
  • FMECA – Failure Modes and Effect Analysis;
  • Safety Audits;
  • Preliminar Hazard Analysis (PHA);
  • Hazard Identification Analysis (HazId).

Quantification of the probability of unwanted events

  • Fault Tree Analysis – FTA;
  • Event Tree Analysis – ETA.
  • Safety integrity level – SIL
  • Integrated Dynamic Decision Analysis – IDDA

Simulation of accidents consequences

Fire, explosion and toxic release modeling.

Risk representation and decision making

  • Layer Of Protection Analysis – LOPA.
  • Bow-Tie Analysis.
  • Integrated Dynamic Decision Analysis – IDDA
  • Land use planning – LUP

Analysis of the operational experience

  • Analysis of accidents, near misses and anomalies occurred in the plant, to support Risk assessment;
  • Analysis of the unsafe acts and unsafe conditions for preventive purposes.